In Liminal Time:
Editing Team and Contributors

Michele Grove, Lily Rappaport, and Deborah Weiner serve as the editors for this online resource. All experienced religious educators, they have worked with a team of writers and creators to bring you both tools and reflections on transitional leadership. The editors wish to thank all the writers and interim religious educators who contributed to this project. ​​This project is a work in progress. The next phase of the project is a book ​on transitional religious leadership, which is anticipated to be published next year.


A heartfelt thanks for everyone who shared their time and talent in writing the many resources included on this website. This page gives you a glimpse into who these people are and how they contribute to the wider Unitarian Universalist community.

Ann Kadlecek is a credentialed religious educator, who has served Westminster Unitarian Church (East Greenwich, RI; 2011-2016) and the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Binghamton (Binghamton, NY; 2016-2018). Prior work in family ministry includes the Living the Principles collaboration with Rev. Ellen Quaadgras. She is also a parent of two young adults, a former scientist and attorney, and a long-time volunteer in traditional Unitarian Universalist religious education programming. This fall she is entering Yale Divinity School as an aspirant for UU ministry. Contact Ann at

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