In Liminal Time:
Resources For The Interim Journey

For the past year, a team of GIRE editors and writers have been working on two writing projects made possible by two generous grants. The first project is an online resource sponsored by LREDA’s Twenty-First Century Grant. The second is a book focused on subjects important to the unique field of interim religious education. The online resource has developed into its own webpage. We hope that you will visit this page to find resources for interim religious educators and congregations seeking information on the interim process. Since it is an online resource, we will be able to update it with new information as it is designed. Please check back regularly and refer others who may be interested!

Interim religious education is a transitional leadership program available to our Unitarian Universalist congregations. Since 2005, trained interim religious educators have served congregations for temporary periods in an effort to guide congregations through an intentional process that leads to a healthy religious education future. This website provides tools for interim religious educators, transitional religious leaders, and the leaders of congregations who find themselves in the midst of such transitions. We trust that religious leaders who are facing religious education transitions will find useful information here. This website is made possible by a Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA) Twenty-first Century Grant.

The next phase of this project is a printed publication ​on transitional religious leadership. The book will be funded by a grant from the Unitarian Sunday School Society and is anticipated to come out next year. It is intended as a unique resource on interim work, specifically as it relates to religious education, and will benefit religious professionals and lay leaders in congregations engaged in transitional ministry.

The In Liminal Time portion of the website was made possible by a LREDA Twenty-first Century Grant. We are grateful for their vision and support of this work and all elements that support excellence in religious education leadership. Find out more at on how to become a LREDA member.