What a GIRE consultant is able to do for your congregation

From Michele Grove, DMin., MCRE – In the early days of the twenty-first century, a group of Unitarian Universalist religious educators looked at the changing landscape of lifespan religious education and discerned the need for intentional transitional leadership. Change happens quickly and often in congregations and many of these changes focus on the lifespan religious education program. This changes may center on religious education leadership transitions. It may also center on the fact that a congregation’s religious education mission and vision shift to meet a modern community’s needs. No matter the reason,… Read More

Actions Have Consequences

From Deborah Weiner – “Actions have consequences,” my spouse would say to our children as they were growing up.  They were – as is the case with so may children and youth – focused on experimenting, gaining independence, and being ‘their own people.’ Sometimes the experiments worked.  Sometimes – not so much.  The stealing of a street sign one night was an example of an impulse that didn’t work out well…our daughter had to hear from us about why that was not a good idea, and was mortified when we brought her… Read More